The Colour Carnival

On top of Mont Chéry mountain, under a blazing blue sky, dancers stomp their splattered ski boots in the snow and throw clouds of colour into the air. Everyone is laughing – their white teeth in stark contrast to their rainbowed faces. A French DJ works the deck with alchemic skill, at his command his dancing disciples jump, sway and throw colour with unanimous cheers. Somehow, I’ve found myself in the middle of the Alps’ very own Holi Festival on ice: SkiColour.

The energy of the festival is magnetic – like a tribal celebration of life in the mountains. I frantically try to capture the euphoric faces of blue, green, pink, yellow… some are one colour, most have blended into ochre or brown. Girls grin behind iridescent goggles, fuschia-haired grandmas swing toddlers by their painted hands around like wagon-wheels.

Watching through the lens of my camera, I’m once again reminded of how lucky I am to live in Portes Du Soleil, and I marvel at the ingenuity of the 20-somethings who’ve emigrated to this area and brought their passion for music, creativity and fun festivals with them. It’s these buzzing pioneers of Alpine entertainment who’re using their entrepreneurial skills to put towns such as Morzine and Les Gets on the map for more than just winter sports.

The festival starts to wind down as the sun meanders towards the Western mountain. The queue for the Mont Chéry gondola lengthens with families, and only the most determined partiers are left dancing on the multi-coloured slush. It’s been an incredible day, just one more where I felt delicioiusly alive and grateful for it.

See the full photo gallery here: RosieGoes Facebook

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