10 things I learnt from doing a season

I won’t wax lyrical about how incredible doing a season is. There are many who would take one look at the lifestyle and run a mile – and rightly so. Living with 34 boys under one dilapidated chalet roof? Waking up to thudding bass at 3am? Pulling collarbone clavicles from too much snowboarding? No thanks, many wiser than I might say.

But it worked for me, and I know I’ve changed in the short few months I was out there. So, if you’re thinking of doing a season, here are 10 things I’ve learnt that might just persuade (or dissuade!) you…

1. Bad hair day? I just don’t care…

When you have a choice between spending 30 minutes doing your makeup and hair or 30 minutes on the mountain, you choose the mountain. Every. Time. And as for clothes, it’s simple: one beanie + whatever is warm and clean (if you’re lucky).

 2. Currency is different

Move over money, here you can pay people back with beer, food or your time/ skills. Awesome.

3. The stranger the better

I loved meeting new people before, but doing a season makes you even more confident in finding out just who’s sitting next to you in a bus line or making you a coffee.

4. Seasonnaires are inspirational

Surrounding yourself with people who are following what they love is inspirational. Whether they’re honing their snowboard skills, starting a new clothing business or opening a vegan café in the mountains, their stories are worth listening to.

5. Sleep? What is this myth?

Sleep is rare in a world of 6am starts, daily parties and new relationships. You become a napping expert, grabbing sleep whenever, wherever.

6. Time is weird

A week on a season is like a month in normal life that happens in a blink of an eye. You pack so much into each day – working morning and evening shifts, snowboarding and sleeping in between, finishing the night with a drink or a party – time becomes warped beyond recognition.

7. The same goes for relationships

My mate got into a relationship with a guy out here pretty quickly – I was stunned when I heard he met her family within 3 weeks. It seemed absurd! But seeing as they spent every day and night together, they were actually squeezing in months’ worth of dates into mere days. How long you’ve been with someone is irrelevant, it’s actually how much time you spend getting to know them.

8. Ski companies will screw you over

I’d disregarded the stories I’d heard from seasoned chalet hosts, transfer drivers and even hotel managers, but it seems to be true. No matter who you work for, if it’s a large British ski company, they’ll screw you over. However, it seems to be a rite of passage for your first season to discover this truth – so suck it up and try to last until the end of season.

9. Go with the flow

In a world where jobs don’t conform to the 9 – 5, and the general mentality is to enjoy yourself, plans are rarely followed. Spontaneity is the new organised, so get ready to go with the flow and see where your day will take you.

10. It’s addictive

I’ve booked a one way ticket to New Zealand for a second season. I’m not done with the mountains just yet…


Learnt a lesson from a season you don’t see on here? I’d love to hear them – message me on my Facebook page!

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