The best hostel in Queenstown?

Review: starstarstarstar

I arrived at the hostel, sleep deprived and semi-delirious, after a nightmare 48 hour journey. I hadn’t slept or showered in 4 days, and was desperate for a shred of kindness to show me the trip was worth it.

That’s when I spotted the free popcorn machine in reception. I nearly wept with happiness (told you I was nigh delirious).

Popcorn machine to the left. Happy days.

But I reined my tears of gratitude in, and followed Emma, a sympathetic staffmember, to my room.

Cedrics is a cheerful hostel 5 mins from the town centre, made extra special by a few quirky freebies. It offers:

  • Free Jacuzzi (usually commandeered by large, loud groups of this years’ Love Island cast. Oh no, wait, that’s just Queenstown’s youth)
  • Free popcorn and teabags
  • Free veggie soup every night at 6pm (usually the same, but free nonetheless)
  • Good WiFi
  • Agreeable selection of films in the lounge (Indiana Jones was a favourite)
  • Helpful staff

The kitchens are cleaned daily, there’s a great system with labels and pens that avoids any milk-pinching or fridge-purging, and the huge kitchen table invite chat – starting bonds that could last a season.

Spot the bird on the kitchen table

However, the rooms do vary, and luck of the draw seems to play a part at Cedrics. I was fortunate to get a snug 4-bed mixed dorm with a radiator and a plug, others complained of being so cold their phones had condensation.

I was less fortunate with my room mates. They couldn’t see the problem with setting their alarms to do a Beyonce show-down at 5.30am, turning on the light and discussing loudly their plans to visit Mount Cook that day.

Just goes to show, no matter what awesome new place you’re in, the challenges of co-habitation with numpteys will never change.

Cedrics’ offers mixed dorm beds from $30pp per night. Go to their website for more details.






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