Rosie goes walking… in summer snow

I seem to have a habit of chasing bad seasons across the world. After two winters in France and New Zealand without any snow,  I was pretty excited to stop praying for powder and bring out the bikini. (That bikini is still waiting…)

When I returned from my UK Christmas break in early January, I had no idea Queenstown was in the middle of one of the worst summers on record. Instead, I headed straight to the Remarkables mountains, to go for my first summer’s walk in over 18 months.

Of course, it was snowing. In hindsight, the jet lag might have been fuelling my delusions of a sunny stroll up the hill. My friend, a long-time local, just laughed and popped open a box full of clothes and extra layers in the back of his Ute. Smartie pants.

After getting used to the cold, it hit me what a geographically diverse country I now live in. I can go from one season to another in less than an hour in the back of a rickety Ute. Here’s a few snaps from the chilly walk up to Lake Alta…

Mini mountain flowers
Looking back on Wakatipu Basin. In the winter, this is all covered in snow.
We finally reached Lake Alta – half an hour’s walk from Remarkables Ski car park
Not ideal for skinny dipping…
Django’s an optimist.
Beautiful patterns lie beneath our feet, if only we take the time to look.





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