All my love, Manchester

I am not a political figure. I’m not famous or powerful. I’m not known for remarkable achievements to mankind or life-saving scientific breakthroughs. I am just a voice. One voice amongst the billions.

But this voice can say this. How truly sorry I am for what happened in Manchester on Tuesday. I’m living in New Zealand, a luxurious land of isolation to the horrors of the world. What’s more, being in Queenstown, I am in a bubble within a bubble, doubly protected against the reality of the wars currently raging, both those in and out of the media spotlight.

But even though Queenstown is 12,000 miles away from Manchester, our community, made up of a medley of nationalities, is shocked and saddened by such an event. It makes me wonder how many other hidden towns around the world are bruised by this news, how many millions who hold you in their thoughts.

I usually resent the social media aftermath of such an event. Those who race to show their grief, their anger, their shock. Then there are those who counter these responses, who claim ‘it takes a Western attack for Westeners to understand the reality of other countries’ daily lives’. We bicker and fight over what’s right when really, the only thing we can do is show love and support for those left.

So this is a simple message, from just one voice in 7 billion, living in a bubble in the corner of the world. I am so sorry for your loss. Your pain is our pain, and though we cannot ever fully comprehend what you are going through, we can empathise, and show love, and humanity.

I hope that the love and kindness shown by strangers to you will one day remind you there is still hope for a humane world left.

All my love, Manchester.

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