Would you share a bed with a stranger?

A girl can dream one day her room'll look like a Habitat ad...

Ever rolled over in blissful sleep and come nose-to-nose with a complete stranger? I hadn’t (honest!), until I moved to Queenstown. Arriving in a fun hostel with kind staff and free soup, I joined a group of optimistic young people who were all essentially homeless…

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The best hostel in Queenstown?

Review:Β  I arrived at the hostel, sleep deprivedΒ and semi-delirious, after a nightmare 48 hour journey. I hadn’t slept or showered in 4 days, and was desperate for a shred of kindness to show me the tripΒ wasΒ worth it. That’s when I spotted the free popcorn machine in reception. I nearly wept with happiness (told you I […]

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