New Zealand by night

Ok, we know New Zealand is pretty darn gorgeous, that’s old news. But when the sun goes down, the universe explodes into a peacock show of preening glory. Think I’m exaggerating? Think again…

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Friends in high places

I’m sitting in the pilot seat of a $2billion NASA plane, staring at the hundreds of flashing buttons in horror, Dr Chris’s words still hanging in the air. “Just don’t knock anything.” He’d said. Shit. Does he not know how clumsy I am?

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A beautiful dead end

We might not have made it to Milford Sound (an avalanche hit a building full of gas bottles and suddenly the park rangers had a civil emergency on their hands), but wow, was that the most scenic U-turn I’ve ever done.

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Heli rafting in New Zealand

If you’d told me this time last week I’d be jumping in a helicopter to go white water rafting in the snow, I’d have thought you mad…

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The Emperor’s New Clothes

When I was a kid, I remember reading a book where an emperor paraded through his city entirely naked. Well…
I had a similar experience today.

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24 hours in Christchurch

Got a day to spare in Christchurch? Here are my top picks for finding the best eats, sights and more in this creative city.

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Rosie goes to jail

So last night was my first stay in a prison cell. Yup, with one free night in Christchurch I thought I’d try out the Jailhouse…

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Holey cheap guacamoley

I found an avocado for $3 in Queenstown. And although what I am about to share with you will surely collapse the black market of this shrivelled and shrunken head of a vegetable, you have a right to know my discovery…

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Would you share a bed with a stranger?

A girl can dream one day her room'll look like a Habitat ad...

Ever rolled over in blissful sleep and come nose-to-nose with a complete stranger? I hadn’t (honest!), until I moved to Queenstown. Arriving in a fun hostel with kind staff and free soup, I joined a group of optimistic young people who were all essentially homeless…

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